The Incredible Importance of Fathers

Every child deserves an involved, responsible, committed dad. You know that, and that’s why you’re probably reading this. The fact is, you care about being a great dad. You want to see your child (and all children) grow up healthy.

As you think about how to be a great dad, ask yourself the following questions:

  • What would it feel like to know you did everything you could to be a great dad?
  • What would it feel like to know that you not only helped your child by being a great dad, you also helped other children by helping other dads be great dads, too?

Being a great dad is not only about raising your child to the best of your ability. It’s also about helping other dads raise their children to the best of their ability—to ensure that every child grows up with a 24/7 Dad! You’re helping us combat the father absence crisis in America by creating more involved, responsible, and committed dads. And for that, we are extremely grateful.

 It is our vision to positively impact the culture of Fatherhood in Newaygo County by building Dads that are powerful, skillful and purposeful in how they parent their children whether they live with them or not.

Sadly, 85% of Dads believe that they can be easily replaced in the lives of their children.  But the fact of the matter is A DAD CAN NEVER BE REPLACED.  All the research shows that much of a child’s success or failure in life stems from their relationship with their father.  What would you do to see your children and other kids succeed in life.

In September 2017 Alpha Family Center will launch the 24/7 Dad Program


  1. Who is this for? Who can participate? - Anyone who is a dad is welcome.  It is never too late to be a great dad.  It is for all dads, whether you live with your children or not.  Maybe you’re a step-dad; it’s for you too.  Maybe you need to satisfy a court order, or find a way to work with your kid’s Mom that you are no longer in a relationship with; it’s for you.  If you are struggling with parenting in any way; it’s for you.
  1. What does it cost? - Alpha Family Center offers all of its services free of charge, including the 24/7 Dad program.  In fact, we “pay” Dads to participate.  Attending the program is rewarded with incentive points that you can use to “purchase” things for your kids, gas cards and more from us.
  1. What is the time commitment? - There are 2 parts to the program:  group sessions and individual coaching.  Each meets 2x’s per month for 4 months.  Group sessions are typically 2 hours, 2 times per month and Individual Coaching is 1 hour 2 times per month.
    - Group sessions will typically meet outside around the campfire with something on the grill for everyone, when the weather permits.
    - Dads can continue to meet with their individual Coach for as long as they want after the Groups are done.
  1. When is it held? - The group session schedule is set by when the most people can make a meeting.  It will likely be either Friday evening or Saturday morning.  Individual coaching sessions are set up by appointment.
  1. Who is running this? - 24/7 Dad is a program of the National Fatherhood Initiative.  It is run by trained, male volunteers of Alpha Family Center.
  1. What are the topics that are covered? - The group sessions cover 8-10 topics like: 
  • How well do I know myself? Who am I as a man?  What is my role as a father? How does the choices I make affect me as a father?
  • Men’s Health. How well do I care for myself?  Why is it important to care for myself first?
  • How well do I father? What skills do I bring to the table as a dad?
  • How well do I parent? How does a father nurture his children?  What do my kids need from me? Do they trust and feel safe with me?
  • How well do I relate to my kids and their mother? Why is communication so important and how can I improve my communication skills?
  1. How can I get more info? - Click on the “Contact Us” button in our menu bar and send us an email.  OR, call us at 231-652-1548.
  1. How do I sign up? - Call us at:  231-652-1548 to set up a meeting with one of our male Coaches to sign up to be a great dad.

Facts About Fatherhood and Father Absence

  1. The earlier in their lives that children experience father absence, the more profound are its effects.
  2. In the US, 23.6% (17.4 million) children live without their fathers. In MI 25.8% live in father-absent homes.
  3. The absence of one or both parents in a family is a risk factor for sexual assault of girls age 17 and younger.
  4. A poor bond with one’s father is highly predictive of both depression and alcohol abuse.
  5. Mothers are more likely to abuse their own children when living with a partner who is not the father of her children.
  6. Children in cohabitating step-father families, have significantly lower college expectations.
  7. Children who live without their biological father have significantly higher levels of behavioral problems in school.
  8. Adolescent girls who reported a higher quality relationship with their fathers were less likely to be sexually active before age 16.
  9. A non-resident father sees his children an average of 12 days per month.
  10. In 2002 about 50% of American children born to cohabiting parents experienced separation or divorce by age 9, compared to about 20% of children born to married parents.
  11. Among incarcerated fathers, on average the number of days that fathers visited their children decreased by two to four days per month following release. In 2010, one out of every 28 children had an incarcerated father.
  12. Children of incarcerated fathers show more aggressive and inattentive behaviors than children of absentee fathers who are not incarcerated.
  13. A majority of Americans believe that it is more difficult to be a father now than 20 or 30 years ago.